Who uses CBD? The point on CBD consumption in the world

Who Consumes CBD Products? It is a question that is asked more and more often and for which it is not easy to answer, especially as regards the numbers relating to Europe. Most of the existing statistics on CBD consumption refer to the US market, far ahead of cannabidiol consumption compared to the European continent. Despite this, starting from the American surveys and evaluating some sales data, together with non-empirical observations on the behaviors and trends of those interested in CBD through the analysis of online searches, it is possible to try to reconstruct a picture of those who consume CBD.

Let’s start from some statistical data relating to the USA and then try, mirror, to balance them with the information in our possession arriving from Italy and Europe. According to BDS Analytics, 15% of adults 21 years of age or older consumed CBD products in the U.S. in the first six months of 2019. Of these, 40 percent have a university degree or high school qualification. In Europe there are no survey statistics on CBD consumption, but it is possible to evaluate the analytical trends of the web and to break up some very interesting demographic information.

Starting from the google surveys on online searches, Italian CBD consumers are, for about 60%, between the ages of 20 and 45, have a higher education diploma or a degree and have approached hiring of CBD within a culture that considers it fundamental to pursue a natural lifestyle, with slower rhythms and a life, at 360 degrees, more conscious than consumption. Organic products, zero-kilometer foods, attention to the issues of climate change and the impact of plastic on the ecosystem: these are, according to the analysis of search engine trends, some of the themes that most Italian CBD consumers share.

Returning to the American research of BDS Analytics we discover a very interesting element concerning the gender. On average, women are the main consumers of CBD products, a statistic mainly driven by the boom in CBD-based beauty products, which are now a very well-defined presence on the American market and are also gaining a important commercial slice.

Interesting thoughts also come from the CBD consumer study conducted by Brightfield Group, arguably the world’s largest statistical survey company for the cannabis industry, based in Chicago, USA. The American company interviewed thousands of consumers, not only in the United States but all over the world, and then processed the data through an Artificial Intelligence system capable of combining thousands of variables. According to Brightfield’s findings, two consumer segments stood out in the survey. One is that of men and women aged between 21 and 35, who have approached the use of CBD mainly to reduce the stress and anxiety of studying and working in an increasingly competitive society. The second, instead, includes people over 55 years old, mainly interested in trying alternative therapies to deal with chronic malaise conditions, such as joint pain or inflammation.

The overall picture that results from these statistical indications tells of a consumption of CBD which is characterized by the transversality of genders, ages and social and educational level of those who use it. With the inevitable distinctions of the case, it is in fact evident that the age group of CBD users starts from 20 years and extends well beyond 70, what instead differs from one generation to another and from one gender to another are how to use: anxiety and stress for the youngest, beauty, yoga and body care for women, alternative pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory therapies for adults.

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