Phorbe | XMAS Box Ultimate Sports – The Athleets Set


Looking for a gift for your athletic friend? Your Dad visiting the gym? Girlfriend is a yoga fanatic? This Ultimate Sports Set is perfect for all of them, as it contains products that will sustain their training pre and post workout, relax their bodies and help them with sore muscles!

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In this gift box you will find:

– Endoca Organic Hemp Protein Powder
This is a 100% raw organic hemp protein product. This is packed with 60% protein and is a brilliant natural way to help build and retain muscle mass

– L’eela Pain Remedy Rub CBD 250mg
Intense workout? Stress headache? Uncomfortable flight? Whatever the ache and pain may be, the Pain Remedy Rub is to the rescue. It’s CBD infused and formulated with active botanicals to target your areas of discomfort. A gentle rub on your shoulders, neck, and temples is just what you need for a pain-free day!

– Velobar CBD Nutritional Bars With Roasted Nuts, Dark Chocolate And Sea Salt
After an intense workout or a day at the office, all you want to do is unwind and relax – and if you can do so with a yummy snack, even better. The Velobar is a vegan, CBD infused snack created to relax your mind and your body.

– De La Beuh Lavender CBD Body Scrub*
Scrub away your anxiety and luxuriate in the feeling of silky, tension free skin. With the De La Beuh Lavender Body Scrub, what more can you ask for than the calming scent of Lavender, while polishing yourself anew? Well, you can always ask for bliss, but I think we have you covered there! *the essential oil flavour may change without notice depending on availability

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