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Organic. Bio. Swiss. Natural. Powerful. Vigorous. Effective. This is phorbe’s CBD Oil.
phorbe6 is our flagship CBD oil, 100% made in Switzerland. A 100% bio CBD Oil resulting from the blend of broad spectrum hemp exctract and swiss bio sunflower seeds oil.
A THC free oil with a 6% CBD concentration, a wonderful light olive green color and a robust and long lasting flavor. For relax, sleep and wellbeing.

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This CBD oil is the result of a long research: for the best Hemp quality, for the best balanced concentration, for the most effective results on body and mind.
Phorbe’s CBD oil is derived from Swiss Hemp, grown in controlled, biologic greenhouse cultivations in Switzerland, carefully handpicked and manufactured. From seed to oil, everything is Swiss Made.
Plants grow only during the warmer periods of the year, as no heating of the greenhouses is allowed over the winter period. A additional trademark of biologic sustainable cultivation.
The broad spectrum CBD extract derived from the handpicked plants is then blended with Swiss biologic sunflower seeds oil up to the desired concentration. The 6%.
Why 6%? We realised that this is the perfect balance both for people new to CBD oils and for all the ambassadors that already added CBD to their routines.
Our CBD Oil can be used for reaxation, for dreamful nights, when concentration is needed. Both body and mind will be thankful.

Each bottle has a measured dropper for precise dosing. The oil is certified by third party laboratories.

The 10ml bottle contains 600mg of CBD, with approximately 14 servings, each serving containing 43mg of CBD. Use twice a day. The dosage varies from person to person depending on several factors, therefore we always suggest to start low and go slow until you reach the desired effect. Unfit for consumption.

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