How to use CBD oil

Cannabidiol-rich hemp oil, the so-called CBD oil, is extracted from the stem and leaves of the plant and can be taken as a food supplement or combined with food and drinks.

To date, all the scientific research carried out does not report any noteworthy side effects and on the contrary, they underline how CBD oil can be an important element in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, sleep disturbances, anxiety disorders, both with a relaxing effect and for relieve pain. To support these theses there is for example the study of the Hadassah Medical Organization, an Israeli medical organization founded in 1934 that manages the two university hospitals of Ein Kerem and Jerusalem and which has verified a certain relevance between the use of CBD and improvements in the conditions of patients suffering from anxiety and epileptic pathologies,

CBD oil, used correctly and always paying attention to the different percentages of substance contained in each product purchased, is a substance, of natural origin, effective and safe, perfectly legal.

Since CBD does not have intoxicating or psychoactive properties, it is possible to take it at any time of the day, remembering that the beneficial effects last between 4 and 8 hours.

There are no standard CBD doses to recommend. For those who have never used CBD, identifying the right amount is a real self-learning phase. We start with 15 mg of CBD per day, taking half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening and then adjust according to the effects. In any case, on the dosage of CBD, we refer you to this article, link, in which we focus specifically on the quantities of CBD to be taken.

CBD oil is the most common way of taking cannabidiol.

There are four most common ways of using cannabidiol oil:

by inhalation, inhaling it, smoking it or steaming it
applying it directly on the skin
ingesting it by taking a few drops to put under the tongue
using it in the kitchen
The inhalation of CBD oil, through smoke or vaporization, is one of the fastest ways to get the active ingredients into circulation, through direct contact of the substance with the lungs and, consequently, with the blood flow.

Topical use involves applying CBD to the skin in the form of a balm or ointment.

This method is probably the simplest, as it requires no special tools or knowledge. It is an extremely functional method for the treatment of muscle pain and migraine.

If you decide to use CBD oil by ingestion, you must instead fill the dropper to the desired quantity and then place the drops under the tongue. CBD oil should remain under the tongue for about 60 seconds so that it can be absorbed through the surfaces of the mouth and enter the bloodstream. Unless the unexpected occurs, the effects are generally felt within 15 minutes of taking it.

Finally, we have the use of CBD in the kitchen. Adding CBD oil to food is an easy way to take CBD. In addition to the purchase of foods prepared with CBD infusions, it is possible to make CBD recipes at home, using the oil for the production of butter and creams to add to the dishes. The important thing is to be patient: the effects of CBD taken through edibles can take two to four hours to manifest.

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