Are CBD and THC legal?

This depends on the Country and on the percentage of THC and CBD. For instance, in Switzerland the percentage of THC is limited at 1% with no limits to CBD. In EU, given the fragmented jurisdictions, this can vary from country to country starting at 0%. Same applies to USA where each State treats THC and CBD differently. Customers should be self aware of their country’s legislation and are therefore the only responsible in case of problems since does not study the legislation of other countries than Switzerland.


Do you ship worldwide?

We do ship worldwide whenever possible and on selected products. Please refer to our shipping policy.


What is the best method of use?

For dietary supplements internal consumption is recommended. You can mix the product with other sauces or juices if you do not like the flavour of the supplements. Read the instructions of the products carefully.


How long will it take to work?

It generally takes 20-40 minutes. However, as there is no psychoactive effect kicking in at no point, you might realize only after a certain period that any pain you may have had is no longer there. Read the instructions and guidelines of the product carefully.


How can I pay?

Depending on the products and country you want us to ship to, you can either pay by credit card, or by bank transfer or via other means that you can select at checkout. Please refer to our Payment policies.