what is CBD and how is it different from cannabis or hemp

CBD is a chemical compound derived from Hemp plants. A compound which is known as Cannabidiol, a natural cannabinoid that interacts with the receptors of our brain.

The mission of Phorbe is to shed light on this topic while promoting the benefits that hemp plants provide to our soul and body. Phorbe is a guide, a school, a marketplace and, ultimately, a lifestyle.

CBD, THC, cannabis, hemp, marijuana. The differences:

CBD or THC? Cannabis or Hemp? What about Marijuana? Let’s face it, these words are easily mixed up in today’s world. The first thing that pops into your mind when talking about Cannabis or Marijuana is getting high. And when talking about Hemp you think more about clothes and bags… Well, that’s not really the whole story.

Cannabis is a family of plants that can be classified into 2 different species: Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana is a member of both species, Indica and Sativa, while Hemp is only a member of Sativa.

The first difference is in their visual structure: Marijuana has broad leaves, Hemp has skinny leaves. One is bushy, the other tall and thin. However, the decisive difference is their chemical composition: Cannabis (the family!) contains many cannabinoids, chemical substances that join the cannabinoid receptors of body and brain for their stability and health. Of those, two cannabinoids can be identified for playing a crucial role in the Hemp/Marijuana comparison: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

Simply put: THC knocks you out and gets you high, while CBD has no such effects, on the opposite. Although having the same chemical makeup, these two components differ in the arrangement of only one – yes, one – single atom. The result? THC is the bad boy of the family, the dark side of Cannabis. THC is not found in HEMP at all, or just in minimal percentages. Marijuana, on the other hand, contains lots of THC! With concentrations that can vary from 15% up to 4%! 

Let’s recap: Cannabis is the family, Hemp and Marijuana are the resulting plants and, depending on the concentration of CBD and THC, the effects on the body and mind can be radically distinct.

We didn’t want to get into too many details, as the scope of this cheat sheet is to simply steer you in the right direction. The main cause of ignorance is ignorance itself. Knowing the difference between Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana and the effects of their chemical components on the body is central: this is the only way people will understand the benefits of such an ancient plant and finally discover the disruptive world of Cannabis.

Transparency and honesty are essential for us at Phorbe. Always remember that Hemp (derived) products are not drug substitutes and if you do feel pain or discomfort of any type, you should always visit your doctor first! Further controlled clinical studies are needed but the demonstrated results achieved until now and thousands of positive and ecstatic feedbacks from consumers from all around the world testify the benefits of CBD and are paving its road to success. 

Remember, always buy products from trusted labels and sellers only! 

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