CBD oil and beauty products: everything you need to know

We already know that cannabis oil can be taken orally and applied, for example, as a CBD-based anti-inflammatory cream. You can prepare smoothies with hemp seeds, and even vegetable milk. But what if we add CBD oil in cosmetic production?

CBD has very interesting effects on the skin, as its composition protects its sensitivity and can help, for example, in the treatment against acne. Also, for this reason, CBD-based cosmetic products are now a new trend among natural beauty and cosmetics brands.

Among the most well-known types of products, we find CBD oil-based hand creams. These are creams that in addition to protecting from the cold, moisturize the skin and release a very pleasant smell. Another very popular product is cannabidiol- based bath gel, often combined with coconut oil, herbs, ginger, or eucalyptus. It is a refreshing bubble bath, which helps to keep the skin’s moisture level balanced and produces a beneficial effect of moisture, leaving the skin with a silky and soft appearance.

Another classic of CBD-based cosmetics is shampoo for dry hair. Many companies produce CBD-based shampoos, completely natural, paraben-free and combined with ingredients such as shea butter, mongongo oil, and baobab seeds. Mongongo oil and CBD smooth cuticles, while baobab protein is rich in vitamins, strengthens hair and slows hair loss. In the same category of products, we find the bath salts based In the same category of products, we find the bath salts based on CBD, are produced by combining CBD oil, argan, avocado, and vitamin C. The result is extraordinary not only from the sensory point of view but also practical. Those are agents that can help balance the immune system and keep the skin balanced with hydration.

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