how CBD can be used in sports

Cannabis, and all its related products that contain CBD (cannabidiol) – thanks to the nearly zero content of THC – can be a non-toxic alternative to all sorts of muscle pains without giving any kind of addiction nor negative psychotropic effect, therefore perfect for usage in many different types of ways and sports.

Hemp products (click here to discover the differences between Hemp and Cannabis) that contain little or no trace of THC but only CBD, aka cannabidiol, have been cancelled from the list of prohibited Substances from the World Anti Doping Agency. This is an important milestone in the recognition of CBD as a natural salutary product for the sports world, both for professional and amateur athletes.

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Sport is freedom, concentration, sweat, impulse, dedication, willingness. Cannabis is a tremendous partner during all phases of sport, from the initial warm up to the final stretching and relaxation and there are so many ways you can make use of it: oils, creams, lotions, patches, gels, salts.

To perform at your best as an athlete, an important role is played by the quality of your sleep. This is fundamental as it affects athletes’ willingness and physical performance. CBD can help to calm down the nervous system and resume the psychophysical balance, therefore making it possible to start the day with a positive mood and to face the training in an optimal condition.

CBD, as an ingredient of creams, oils, gels or salts, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiemetic properties, reduces anxiety and alleviates chronic pains that afflict most athletes. The anti-inflammatory property of hemp and the cannabidiol helps the tissue protection and the reduction of muscular spasms – cramps, dehydration, traumas – that are often the cause of pain and discomfort when you finally sit down on the couch and want to enjoy a well-deserved pleasant evening.

Another powerful use of hemp products for athletes, post workout, is to fill up the bathtub with hot water and enjoy a colored and perfumed bath bomb with plant extracts to alleviate the pain and stiffness of your body in the most natural way, with all the additional great benefits of CBD.

Cannabis can therefore become an essential ingredient of the activity cycle of an athlete: from sleep regulation to reducing performance anxiety; from the stimulation and regulation of the appetite to the diminishing of nausea to the post-workout use.

You have no excuse now… Pack your bag and enjoy sport to its maximum!

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