how CBD can be used in sports

It is worth reminding that CBD, on the opposite to THC, doesn’t alter the perception and has no negative psychotropic effect. It has therefore made its way not only in the daily life of people but also in the world of sports, from the starter to the pro level.

An important milestone in this way was the recent announcement from the WADA: Hemp products (click here to discover the differences between Hemp and Cannabis) that contain little or no trace of THC but only CBD, aka cannabidiol, have been cancelled from the list of prohibited Substances from the World Anti Doping Agency. This is an important step in the recognition of CBD as a natural salutary product for the sports world, both for professional and amateur athletes.

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Sport is freedom, concentration, sweat, impulse, dedication, willingness. Cannabis is a tremendous partner during all phases of sport, from the initial warm up to the final stretching and relaxation and there are so many ways you can make use of it: oils, creams, lotions, patches, gels, salts.
To perform at your best as an athlete, an important role is played for example by the quality of your sleep. This is fundamental as it affects athletes’ willingness and physical performance. If you go back and read our section about CBD and well-being, you will realise that well-being is actually a state of mind, “of being happy”. So if you can go to bed with an inner smile, knowing to be relaxed and prepared for what comes next you will definitely achieve your goal, or at least approach it with the best mindset! Adding CBD to your night routine – what about relaxing with a CBD oil massage, a hot bathtub with CBD salts or drinking a hot Hemp infusion with some drops of honey? – can help you reaching the desired status!
Always doubt about those selling you miracle potions! But if Hemp extracts can make it and this is really the case, you will finally be able to sit down on the couch and enjoy a well-deserved pleasant evening, thinking at the results achieved during the training and hard workout with no fear but a smile on your face – and a cold drink in your hand!
Everybody knows the reinvigorating, relaxing and soothing powers of a hot tub. Especially after an intense workout! You can add to this a colored and perfumed bath bomb with plant extracts to alleviate the pain and stiffness of your body in the most natural way, with all the additional great benefits of CBD. Cannabis infused bath bombs and salts can be easily added to the tub and boost the effects of the hot bath! Remember Pretty Woman and the bubble bath??
Last but not least, raw Hemp (with no CBD nor other compounds) as a dietary supplement is a great source for a myriad of components such as Vitamin E, Calcium, Phosphor, Iron and Magnesium that are essential blocks of an athletes’ diet.
Cannabis can become an essential ingredient of the activity cycle of an athlete: from sleep regulation to reducing performance anxiety2, from evening relaxation to body-mind balance!
You have no excuse now… Pack your bag and enjoy sport to its maximum!

Transparency and honesty are essential for us at phorbe. Always remember that Hemp (derived) products are not drug substitutes and if you do feel pain or discomfort of any type, you should always visit your doctor first! Further controlled clinical studies are needed but the results achieved until now and thousands of positive and ecstatic feedbacks from consumers from all around the world testify the benefits of CBD and are paving its road to success.

Remember, always buy products from trusted labels and sellers only!