CBD herbal teas: preparations and benefits

CBD-based infusions are increasingly common in homeopathic medicine. The use of CBD to treat chronic and degenerative diseases by infusion can help alleviate the undesirable effects of many diseases.

To prepare an infusion of a CBD-based tea or herbal tea, you must first boil water. You can also use whole milk, as milk fat will help the cannabinoids to adhere to it and to release themselves into the body more easily. If you decide to use milk, you should maintain a ratio of 3 parts of water for each part of the milk. Alternatively, you can add butter instead of milk.

Secondly, we mince the inflorescence of CBD and, as soon as the water or milk has reached the boiling point, we fill a glass. Using a classic tea filter, we then immerse the CBD in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. The water will take on a color similar to green tea and will have a pleasant natural taste, which can be made less strong, if desired, by adding sugar, honey, or even mint and a touch of vanilla.

It’s also possible to keep the infusion of CBD in the fridge and drink it cooler: low temperatures do not degrade cannabinoids. The important thing is to consume it within 24 hours: the infused substances, over time, lose their beneficial properties.

As for the dosage of CBD-based infusions, there is no exact reference quantity, but rather depends on the characteristics of each person: weight, height, sex, for example, can lead to the use of a less or a greater amount of cannabidiol inflorescence for our tea. The advice is to always start with doses within 0.5 grams per person, then increasing the quantity, little by little, until you find the perfect balance.

It is possible to drink several cups of CBD herbal tea a day, up to four in 24 hours. For those who try this particular type of infusion for the first time, the advice is to start with a cup before going to sleep. Keep in mind that the effect is usually not immediate, it is therefore important to remain constant, during the consumption, for at least fifteen days, and to verify in the long term the effects: muscle relaxation, pain reduction, and a general feeling of well-being. Several studies have shown that cannabinoid CBD binds to receptors in the central nervous system, helping to block pain very effectively and therefore CBD is considered a 100% natural analgesic.


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