CBD for pets

Cannabis-derived products, bred specifically to have high concentrations of CBD and only traces of THC (check this link to learn more on CBD and THC), are not only suitable for humans but also for animals. We should take care of our furry friends the same way we take care of our body. Although they can not speak, pets can express themselves in a multitude of ways: When they are happy they want to play and wag the tail when they are scared they hide and withdraw, when they are hurt they breathe rapidly…

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What can we do to make them always happy, to relax them, to relieve their discomfort? A pet motion – human language translator is needed: Vets become the second best friend of the human owner and whenever it’s not possible to treat them medically, alternative natural cures, discussed together with the vet, can have terrific effects. 

Can CBD products – non-toxic and not psychoactive – be nowadays part of that alternative treatment, and show positive results within a short time? 

Kira. A happy dog and real life testimonial. 

Many pet owners, including us at Phorbe, have seen an increased well-being of our dogs after giving them CBD drops or CBD treats. Kira, the rhodesian ridgeback of one of the co-founders of Phorbe affected by minor walking issues, is a big fan of CBD as she started running again like a young wild puppy since getting her CBD treats!! And in addition to this, no more aggressive barking! 

There are several ways to administer CBD to pets (with recommended doses on the product packaging): CBD Oil Drops, CBD Pet Capsules, CBD Dog Treats. Can these products have an effect on inflammation, arthritis, anxiety and aggressiveness of dogs and cats? As for humans, research on Hemp extracts is at an early stage and we can mostly rely on pet owners and their experience!! Who knows them better than the human they live with 24/7? 

Cannabidiol based treatments can relieve articular pains and can improve the motion capabilities of animals (Kira!). Anxiety, stress from separation, change in routine, move to a new home, fear of strange noises, panic from sudden bangs, can all be eased via the intake of CBD products. Lastly, the intake of CBD products boost serotonin and glutamate with mood-boosting and calming results driving down fear and allowing for relaxation. Kira docet! 

Remember, as for other products for human intake, dose gradually: start low and go slow!  

Kira might be an exception in some ways, but when talking to other dog owners at the parc be assured that, of those that tried CBD, many are enthusiastic supporters of treats and drops!! 

Animals deserve great attention and their body language can help owners identify even hidden symptoms. Talk to the vet, talk with other pet owners and give natural alternative products such as Hemp extracts a try, always carefully reading the recommendations and the doses on the package. 

Transparency and honesty are essential for us at Phorbe. Always remember that Hemp (derived) products are not drug substitutes. Further controlled clinical studies are needed but the results achieved until now and thousands of positive and ecstatic feedbacks from consumers from all around the world testify the benefits of CBD and are paving its road to success. 

Remember, always buy products from trusted labels and sellers only!