CBD for pets: an aid against chronic pain

Often laboratory drugs produce terrible undesirable side effects, as the liver of the animals cannot sustain the toxic components present in the medicines.
On the other hand, CBD-based drugs for animals, even if they cause minor side effects, can be more easily managed and, after understanding the doses to be administered, prove to be much less invasive.

The dosage of CBD-based drugs for dogs varies according to the age and weight of the dog, as well as the type of administration. CBD medications for dogs are in fact available in drops of CBD or tablets of CBD. In any case, it is always advisable to follow the instructions of the veterinarian.

Basically, CBD medicines for dogs can be administered through a few drops in drinking water, so that they can spread throughout the day through the stomach into the dog’s body. The simplest choice to monitor is however those of the CBD tablets, always following the instructions of the veterinarian.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms to be treated, the intake of CBD for dogs may be indicated up to three times a day. Even if the effects of cbd therapy are not immediately visible, the administration should not be interrupted and CBD for dogs should be continued, unless otherwise indicated by the veterinarian.

Cornelius De Luca, a researcher with years of experience in the study of CBD, explained that the administration of CBD-based drugs for dogs is important because it acts on the motivation of the animal, sending signals through the transmitters in the brain, without unnecessarily increasing heart rate or burden on circulation. For this reason, treatment with CBD can also be prescribed to older dogs, with chronic age-related pains that can be strongly mitigated by CBD-based drugs, and a dog that feels more relaxed and sociable in life right away everyday.

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