CBD and Yoga: The Perfect Combination

Yoga and CBD seem made to be together. Practising yoga, for many, is, in fact, a way of escaping from the daily chaos of life and relaxing, finding inner peace and letting go.

It is a meditation practice carried out through physical activity that reduces stress and anxiety, in a context of total serenity. In this sense, CBD acts and is designed with the same goals, especially with regard to managing anxiety. Without psychoactive effects, unlike THC, CBD is, in fact, a natural sedative, which many, in recent times, have started enjoying in combination with yoga sessions.

Taking CBD before a yoga class allows you to experience a totally regenerating experience. In fact, CBD helps to silence thoughts, loosen up painful joints and muscles and helps serotonin to circulate in your body. All essential steps to positively expand one’s yoga path.

CBD works directly on cannabinoid receptors which are already present in our body, located throughout the endocannabinoid system and fundamental in the cognitive management of pain. CBD intake encourages the so-called SEC to produce more natural cannabinoids, which helps to balance the whole system and produce an anti-inflammatory response. This helps loosen the aching muscles of the post-asana and prolong the feelings of savasana happiness after leaving your carpet.

The positive effects of the combination of CBD and yoga are also well represented by the work that cannabidiol does on Anandamide. When we feel good, our brain naturally produces and releases this neurotransmitter, called Anandamide, which in Sanskrit means “bliss”. Like all neurotransmitters, Anandamide is fragile and rapidly breaks down in the body: otherwise, we would be in a state of perpetual bliss. Well, it has been discovered that CBD suppresses the enzyme that destroys Anandamide, helping to prolong the effects of the substance, naturally, in our system. In other words, that feeling of bliss that you get at the end of a yoga session can be further prolonged by taking.

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