CBD and Coronavirus. A healthy mind and body support

Can CBD and Hemp derived products cure the Coronavirus? Can CBD contrast this flu? Can products containing CBD or THC contrast the symptoms of COVID-19? Can Cannabis derived products help against Coronavirus?

These last weeks, we‘ve been hardly hit by the outspread of Coronavirus, aka COVID-19.

Many cities, in China first and in Continental Europe and US then, were locked down, emptying streets, bars, restaurants, shops. People are facing a total lockdown, as during the war, but in this case against an invisible enemy.


First, what is COVID-19

Coronaviruses, which are transmitted between animals and humans, are a large family of viruses, among others SARS and MERS. The actual Coronavirus disease, COVID-19, discovered end of 2019, is a new strain of that viruses that has not been identified in humans previously.

Common signs of infection include:

  • respiratory symptoms
  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

in extreme cases the virus can cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.

As of mid March, there were 240k cases, 10k deaths and 176 affected countries, as reported by the WHO and updated daily.


Psyche side effects of COVID-19

Coronavirus has two different effects on people. The first, obvious and dramatic, effect is the flu itself and its severe consequences on the body, especially the breath.

People that get infected with COVID-19 have to stay in quarantine for a longer period of time and, worst case scenario, have to be urgently hospitalised.

The second crucial side effect of the virus, on which we will focus here, is on people’s psyche and soul.

Coronavirus is subtle and affects both the ill and the healthy ones and has a dramatic effect on the minds.

Think about ill and (home) quarantined people:

  • hours and hours of home stay, usually in a room or apartment, thinking about their health and silently fighting the COVID-19;
  • nobody to talk with face o face
  • limited contact with the beloved ones and family, be it because your are positive to Coronavirus or them;
  • longer absence from the office and the work environment
  • increased sensation of claustrophobia;
  • hours spent in front of a computer or tv, obsessed by latest COVID-19 news
  • friends and colleagues avoiding you.

All the above is not only limited to people infected by COVID-19, but affects all those living in a country were the virus is spreading out like a plague: social distancing; avoidance of restaurants and bars; staying home as much as possible and often with small children that are incapable of understanding the situation.


Can CBD cure Coronavirus?

If you are reading this, you probably know already what CBD is. As a reminder, CBD, aka Cannabidiol, is a component of Hemp and is extracted from this plant to produce oils, tinctures and other every-day products such as skincare and beauty care creams, edibles, southing balms. CBD can be used for stress, sleep, sport and skin issues as well as given to pets for their wellbeing.

CBD will be found together with THC in Cannabis plants, but contrary to the latter component, it has no side effects. In simple words, with CBD you won’t get high or stoned!

Back to our first question: can Cannabis and Hemp products cure the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19?

NO. CBD is no medicine, nor are hemp derived products a cure for any medical issue. Don’t ever listen to those selling you the story that CBD and THC can cure you, as this is wrong but mostly a lie.

An important premise, especially given the current situation, in order to highlight the effect of CBD on Coronavirus.

Can CBD help against COVID-19? CBD is fantastic and effective as coadiuvant in different cases:

  • CBD is antioxidant
  • CBD is antipsychotic
  • CBD is anti-inflammatory
  • CBD is analgesic

What are the benefits of CBD and how are they related to Coronavirus? CBD improves and regulates sleep (‘Can’t sleep! Did I get infected by COVID-19?’), fights hemicranias (‘My head is exploding with all this noise!’), improves appetite (‘Am too stressed today to eat’), fights muscular pains (‘let’s try this home exercise for the legs’), lastly it helps with the treatment of skin pathologies (‘all this junk food and look at these pimples’).

CBD oils and tinctures and other Hemp products will not cure Coronavirus, but can definitely help people managing all the side effects of COVID-19 that the disease or phobia have on human minds.

  • CBD for health: you can strengthen your body and immune system with Hemp derived products such as CBD supplements or CBD oils;
  • CBD and sleep Management: you can’t fall asleep because you are worried about COVID-19 so CBD oil and Hemp infusions can help you fall close your eyes;
  • CBD and stress management: because of COVID-19, you are stressed thinking about the industries closing down or worried about finding empty shelves at the supermarket, CBD can help you manage the stress;
  • CBD and concentration: Coronavirus forced you to work from home.  If not used to home office, many things can distract you (say the children screaming out loud?) CBD will definitely help you focus;
  • CBD and food: CBD and Hemp can be found also in food supplements and help you with your daily diet now that you are forced at home by Coronavirus;
  • CBD and animals: your dog is too excited since you are spending that much time at home because of the quarantine? Treat them with pet CBD oils and treats;
  • CBD and hydration: washing continuously hands is the most effective way to fight the Virus as well as using sanitizers!! But remember to always hydrate your hands because a dry skin is a lot more fragile: CBD creams and lotions will thoroughly hydrate your hands and cracked skin.



CBD can be useful in time of Coronavirus, by supporting and strengthening the body and immune system.

At home, in the evening or whenever needed, use CBD to fight against depression, insomnia, stress and loss of concentration.

CBD oils, Hemp tinctures and infuses, CBD edibles, will all help you fighting back the stress and anxiety caused by Coronavirus.

#stayhome, use online shops as much as possible, and remember that #socialdistancing is of utmost importance as well as #washinghands and #sticktotherules

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