CBD & Coffee: Effects & Interactions

Is it a good idea to mix coffee and CBD, therefore cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol and caffeine? According to many, an excellent idea.

People who drink coffee every day are often exposed to nervousness and anxieties related to the effect of caffeine. Even the most accustomed subjects may find themselves in a situation of unexpected anxiety in the case of too strong coffee, or the ingestion of a higher amount of caffeine than usual. Well, the combination of coffee and CBD is very useful as the cannabidiol counteracts the sense of anxiety, thanks to its anxiolytic effect.

Coffee in a coffee shop

Both caffeine and CBD interact with adenosine, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain understand when it is necessary to rest. Although both interact with adenosine, they do so in the opposite way. In fact, caffeine interrupts the sedative effects of adenosine, while CBD responds by increasing the amount of adenosine, thus producing a calming effect. The simultaneous intake of coffee and CBD can, therefore, be useful to maintain a balance between the brain and adenosine.

Another reason to enjoy your CBD coffee is its energizing effect. In fact, studies on cannabidiol confirm that the intake of CBD causes a general feeling of well-being, which combined with the same effects produced, according to research by the American University of South Hampton, from caffeine, doubles the mood with different stimulations.

In addition, CBD and caffeine both have antioxidant properties, thus protecting our cells and DNA from degenerative damage, helping cell regeneration and protecting against ageing.

It is estimated that coffee, and in particular caffeine, is the most widely used antioxidant in Europe. The combination with another natural antioxidant such as CBD may, therefore, be simply perfect.

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