using cannabis-based products in your everyday life

Cannabis has many uses, one of them is simply for recreation and better sleep. The greatest pleasures in a person’s life is to be able to take some time off for himself, alone, or with friends and family. Reflecting or sharing the state of mind helps humans to better understand what their soul and mind really need, be this on the top of a mountain, in front of a fireplace or on the ocean’s edge at sunset. 

Cannabis (understand the difference between Hemp and Cannabis here) gives people the opportunity to maximize that time off, to enhance the human relationship. Thanks to two of its components, namely CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), daily problems will be easier to ‘digest’. Cannabis is an ideal ally to fight back the continuous daily issues that affect your mind, relieving the fatigue and enhancing the concentration and acumen. Making life simply easier to deal with. 

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The combination of a high percentage of CBD and nearly zero levels of THC increases the relaxing effects of the first component while drastically reducing the adverse effects of the second principle. CBD, with concentrations of up to 30%, and THC with concentrations between 0% and 0.99% (could be higher, but this is the Swiss legal limit!) act on the muscular and nervous systems giving the body a sensation of relaxation while leaving a completely clear and focused mind without any negative, psychotic nor euphoric effect. 

There is no need to suffer from anything in particular in order to benefit from the positive and nice effects ofHemp extracts. No addiction, no side effects, no guilty conscience. The variety of Cannabis crystals, oils and inflorescences available allows each person to pick the most suitable product, the one with the better taste, the one that matches the mood of the moment. And if you simply want to sit back and relax, you can put on your favourite song and even light a perfumed CBD candle to live recreation to its fullest. 

Using cannabis-based products for recreation doesn’t come with side effects. It will help you get the most out of a moment without harming your body, your mind nor the people around you and concentrating on the thoughts that make you smile. CBD is your ally, your sparring partner. 

This time off is a treat to yourself that has to be fully savoured. As the saying goes,  Carpe Diem (seize the day). 

Transparency and honesty are essential for us at Phorbe. Always remember that Hemp (derived) products are not drug substitutes and if you do feel pain or discomfort of any type, you should always visit your doctor first! Further controlled clinical studies are needed but the results achieved until now and thousands of positive and ecstatic feedbacks from consumers from all around the world testify the benefits of CBD and are paving its road to success. 

Remember, always buy products from trusted labels and sellers only!