Can CBD help your sex life?

A recent 1,000-person survey conducted by the Remedy Review portal, a website dedicated to natural medicine, found that 68 percent of those who tried a “bedroom” CBD product said the intake had improved their sex life. There are still not many who know the possibility of using a CBD product to improve their experience in sexual interaction, a type of use that is, however, according to many experts, destined to grow.

How are CBD and sex connected and how can taking CBD improve sexual intercourse?

The first aid that CBD can give concerns anxiety management.

In general, CBD is often used as a palliative by somewhat anxious people, who aim to improve their general health thanks to the relaxation induced by the consumption of CBD. Reducing anxious states in the context of sexual intercourse is undoubtedly an important point, especially for those who have difficulty letting go. The relaxing effects of CBD on the brain, explains Dr. Olivia Rose, advisor for Remedy Review, serve to promote a feeling of great calm and serenity, also increasing the sensitivity of neurotransmitters and the production of serotonin, which thanks to its antidepressant effect allows a approach to the moment of intimacy much more complete.

Another of the possible positive effects produced by the relationship between CBD and sex concerns excitement and desire. CBD also works as a vasodilator and for this reason, if applied locally, it helps dilate blood vessels, a condition that allows greater sexual stimulation. Obviously, this is an effect which, considered in this case the topical application of CBD, using cream, oil or ointment, can take up to 30 minutes, but which can help increase desire. Amy Levine, American sexologist and founder of the Ignite Your Pleasure website confirmed, in an interview with Bustle magazine, that CBD-based products can increase excitement and help those who have difficulty relaxing during the interaction physics. According to Levine, taking CBD in the sexual moment allows you to find a better balance and, therefore, a more pleasant sexual relationship.

To understand a little better how CBD relates to the moment of sexual intercourse let’s take a step back and let’s see the interaction between CBD and the human body. Each of us has small receptors, part of a system that scientists call the endocannabinoid system (ECS). When we think about these receptors we have to imagine them as closed doors, which the CBD, the key, can help open. Be careful though: CBD cannot open these doors directly, but rather trigger processes and reactions that, by stimulating the ECS system, help unlock them.

To consolidate the theory that CBD can help sexual intercourse is also an article published in 2009 in the journal Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, in which several US researchers have explained that they have found ECS receptors in the sexual reproductive organs, receptors present however also in the brain.

Of course there is no lack of skeptical rumors. For example, Dr. Jordan Tishler, president of the U.S. association of medical specialists in the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, believes that studies to demonstrate the interaction between CBD and sex are still too limited.

What is important to remember is that there is no single formula for using CBD in the context of sexual interaction. In fact, CBD acts on everyone in a very different way depending on factors such as gender and body mass index. Then there is the question of the dosage, also in this case different for each person, and the overall status of who takes it. In conclusion, the effects of CBD on sex depend on several factors and if it is possible to assert that many found cannabidiol intake useful in the context of the intimate relationship, it is also appropriate to admit that the effects depend on numerous factors, many of which have not yet been explored in depth by scientific research.

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